5 Summer friendly products to own now!

The speed at which 2016 is springing by makes me say WoW!

It is March already and summer is here… But the irony is that the sunny days might end up making you look dull. So boost your skincare routine to beat the heat. Let these 5 Summer-friendly products work their magic from head to toe.

¤ Your hair needs sunscreen too!
Livon Moroccan silk serum offers UV filter for the hair.
♧So your shining glory only shines brighter.

¤ Mask away the sun…
LA ROCHE-POSAY is a high protection sunblock with SPF 50+ and it blends into the skin seamlessly.
♧ No white patches to hide.

¤ Smell fresh always…
NIVEA deodorant has effective odour protection and gentle care that lasts upto 48 hours.
♧ Even in your dreams zzz…

¤ Go sqeaky clean
With VICHY cleansing foam radiance revealer you can remove the dirt and grime from the face without losing the natual moisture of your skin.
♧ Skin-insurance ensured 😉

¤ Wipe with a swipe
PASEO facial tissues are made of 100% virgin fibre and is safe to dab the sweat from the face.
♧ Works for pimple prone, sensitive skin as well.

-Sayanti Banerjee

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