Give sunkissed hair a miss

Hair makeovers are fun only when you dare to try sometging new. I was bored wearing the golden highlights so far and decided to give a miss to the sunkissed hue this summer.
Ambika Bhatia, Art Director at JUICE salon Phoenix Market City Kurla created this haute hair fashion statement for me and I simply found it WoW!

Here’s what she did:



Challenge: My last hair cut had grown out but I still wanted to keep the length.

Fix: She added choppy layers with side bangs to frame the face and add volume.



Challenge: Indian hair is dark naturally and I needed pre-lighting to get the desired look.

Fix: She gave me magenta red which is an evergreen shade of haircolour  and is always in vogue. This shade has been a rage across the fashion runways and sported by Hollywood divas like Rihana and Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif recently.



Challenge: I am always on the go and don’t know how to wear my hair in style effortlessly.

Fix: Dual tones have always added a wow factor. So the Obmrè finish makes the look haute and sexy at the same time. I can keep it open, tie a pony or braid it the way I wish.

Let me know what you think of my new hair cut and colour 🙂

– Sayanti Banerjee

Hair Makeover by JUICE salon

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