Do what Kareena does?

When it comes to Bollywood, actor Kareena Kapoor has always been a head-turning diva. What adds to her charm is the fact that she keeps her fashion statements simple and effortlessly WoW!
In her latest Bollywood movie Ki & Ka she plays a power girl by the name of Kia, who is a star marketing professional.  Her outfits, makeup and hair define her look and mood for every occasion.
Here’s how you too can get inspired to look as WoW!

○ Be a Boho Girl…
□OUTFIT: A solid colour top or a t-shirt over denims or a pair of trousers, work better than prints now.
□MAKEUP: Outline the eyes with kajal and apply a pale pink lip colour to balance the face.
□HAIR: Keep the hair open, simply sctunch the length to create a classy yet messy texture.

○Be the Power Girl
□ OUTFIT: A crisp cotton or silk shirt in white or a pastel shade work best for this season. Make sure the fit is good.
□ MAKEUP: Define the shape of your eyes with liner and wear a subtle yet warm lip colour to sculpt your pout.
□ HAIR: Tie your hair into a smart pony tail instead of a bun. Keep the finish sleek and frizz free with a smartly groomed appeal.

-Sayanti Banerjee
-Photo credit: Mitesh Mirchandani
-Venue: Silver Beach Cafe, Juhu

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