A Perfect place for a Breakfast Date?

Waking up early specially on a Monday morning requires motivation… But when it’s a combination of great food and a romantic set up for breakfast, then it promises to be a different WoW experience right?

This is what I felt as I tried the new breakfast menu at the Silver Beach Cafe in Juhu. Here’s what we loved from the exotic platter:
1) CARROT – ORANGE JUICE: A must-have healthy potion that is refreshing too.
2) ZUCCHINI, CHICKEN & SPICED MAYO SANDWICH: A perfect blend of herbs and spices, this pannini style sandwitch in multi-gràin bread, is quite filling.
3) MASALA OMLETTE – Eggs cooked up in any style, tastes good. The hash brownies by the side add to the fun.
4) COLD COFFEE WITH ICE CREAM: You can sip onto it while you enjoy a conversation and appreciate the cute decor of this restaurant.
5) ORANGE CHOCOLATE BROWNIE: Share this sweet dessert with your sweetheart and keep the feel-good experience linger in the mouth for long.


-Sayanti Banerjee
-Photo credit: Mitesh Mirchandani
– Venue: Silver Beach Cafe Juhu

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