Look infallible like Emma…

I find Emma Watson infallible…

There is something flawless about her beauty and I wanted to use the makeup products from the latest Infallible collection by L’Oréal Paris to recreate her look as seen on the poster of Beauty and the Beast.

The Hollywood actor will be playing Belle in this much-awaited Disney musical fantasy releasing next year. Currently the trailer is wooing the audience accross the world.
Since it is her understated glam that fasinates me, here is how I decoded her wow look.


👸FACE: Create the illusion of flawless skin with infallible 24 HR Stay Fresh Foundation. It hydrates the skin as well as offeres coverage while blending in seamlessly. Set the base with 24 HR Powder Foundation and use it for quick touch-ups as well.


👀EYES: Add a sparkle to your eyes literally with the metallic gold shade of Silkissime eyeliner pencil. Give a miss to kajal or khol and define your waterline with it instead. This will help open up the eyes instantly, before applying mascara.


👄LIPS: To keep the look fresh and dewy, apply a generous stroke of lip gloss in pink. I choose – Xtreme Resist- shade no 504 -My Sky is the Limit.


CHEEKS: Just to add a wash of colour, touch up the apples of your cheeks with the same lip colour and smear it into the base.
You can use the Dazzle shade no 210 – Disco Ball for a subtle bronze contouring of the face like I have done. The shimmery finish adds a natural glow instantly.


HAIRSTYLE: Keep the hairdo simple with a no-fuss, sleek, high ponytail.

👉WORK THE LOOK: You can wear this look for the day and be effortlessly wow!

Sayanti Banerjee

📷 Photo credit: Prajesh Meshram Photography

Need Inspiration for Weekend Hairstyles?

Being pressed for time does not mean that your hairdo remains boring. You can always try out quick styles with your hair to make a world of difference to your overall grooming. So get started with this weekend’s outing itself and see what difference your hairstyle makes to your mood and selfie!
You need to try them for sure as Celeb hairstylist Coleen Khan shows you how to own the Cannes 2016 Celeb hairfashion from the redcarpet.
Trust me, you can DIY and look wow.
Here’s how:

– Sayanti Banerjee

-HAIR &MAKEUP: Coleen Khan’s salon

Get the GOT Look?

I must confess, that I am not a big fan of the Game of Thrones but I surely wanted to checkout why it is such a rage. More popular as GOT, the dramatic episodes have been wooing the audience across the globe but what fascinated me about this series in it’s 6th season of glory is the classic Medival look of the characters that are evergreen.

Infact, I wanted to decode the hair, makeup and fashion statements of Sansa Stark played by actor Sophie Turner. She has been a major character across the GOT series so far and her bold and beautiful personal style is worth emulating even on a regular day.

Here’s what I found WoW:
☆MAKEUP: There is an element of peach, pink and apricot that defines her look. This eyeshadow colour on the eyelids is perfect for the summer, daylook.
#DIY: Apart from the eyelids, keep the overall makeup tone monochrome by adding a hint of blush and lip colour in similar shades of your eyeshadow.

☆HAIR: Braids are always in fashion and her hairstyle showcases the look of a Grecian maiden. It’s really simple but very chic.

#DIY: Make a deep middle parting that works for all hair types. Tie up a few strands from the crown section into two sleek pony tails and start braiding them as you go along the length. Secure the end with a single rubberband such that both the braids merge into one.

☆OUTFIT: Sansa wears classy, long robes in muted colours.
#DIY: You can try her style by wearing a long cape or a maxi-dress that is in fashion currently. Subtle shades of gray or blue work the best.


♡Try out Sansa Stark’s look from GOT and let me know if it made you feel WoW in front of the mirror and got you loads of compliments…

Sayanti Banerjee
Photo credit: Prajesh Meshram Photography

3 Arty- Flirty Eyeliner Styles To Sport Now!

You need to know where to draw the line literally even on your eyelids! Since the truth is that the eyes hold the attention, if you are sleepy or have a stressful lifestyle, the peepers will look tired. As a quick trick from the book of makeup that I have learnt so far,  eyeliner helps to redefine eyeshape. In fact, the graphic eyeliner styles are doing the rounds now and they were a huge trend on the Cannes red carpet as well.
All you need to do is just get a little creative and wear the sleek lines to suit your mood and attire.
Here are the 3 arty, flirty, wow eyeliner styles to try now:

-Sayanti Banerjee

The Swimsuit Style that Suits Every Bodytype?

Wearing swimwear can make you re-discover your body shape like never before.  Extra bulges can show up suddenly from nowhere and you may not feel comfortable to sport the glam attire that look stunning on models and celebs on the ramps and silver screens always…

Get real and opt for a swimsuit style that suits your bodytype. It will help you to feel more confident and focus on the workout while you have fun in the pool at the same time.
Well, it’s Friday already and if you are planning to go for a swim over the weekend, here’s how you can choose your swimwear smartly.

👍A one-piece swimsuit is always a safe bet. Make sure it fits you well and is neither a size smaller or bigger than what you require.
👍Opt for a darker colour that will hide the extra fat effortlessly. You can have hints of pop colour on a monochrome suit to boost the fashion quotient.

👍Go for a style that offers more coverage as a skirt finish. It looks feminine and would not make your lower body look heavy.
👍Keep interesting cover ups and sarongs handy to add in a bit of style and comfort while you are lounging by the pool.
👍A pair of sexy glares will make the whole world stare, so bring on some cool attitude to boot!

✌Remember you are there to burn those calories and shed that extra fat from your body, so just take it easy and have a splash in the pool!
Sayanti Banerjee

Make fashion statements with Cannes faux pas…

When it is the Cannes Film Festival in it’s 69th glorious year, the whole world has their eyes fixed on the red carpet. With so many divas from Hollywood and Bollywood to watchout for, I chose to take inspiration from the faux pas instead of trends showcased this year.
To begin with, social media has been buzzing with what  Aishwarya Rai Bachchan did fashionably wrong…
Here’s my take on how you can make a fashion statement with these same faux pas from the Cannes hot red carpet.
Here’s how to do it:

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: wore a red gown with rep lips.
👉It looks boring and OTT!!!
👈Simply contrast your red outfit with a pale, cooler tone which will soften the overall appeal.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: experimented with purple which is almost lavender, lipcolour and a hint of purple on her dress.
👉 Purple is a magical and illusive hue as this royal shade can have different effects on different people.
👈Go subtle with the lip colour by mixing purple with pink. You can try colour-blocking of purple by wearing a footwear in this colour.
Sayanti Banerjee

Want a Double Duty Beauty?

This Summer you need to get smarter with your makeup tricks. In fact, I would suggest that you simply make the best out of a single beauty buy and make it multi-task for you?
By doing so,  you would not only save money but also time and energy if you are doing makeup on the go. The best part is that it will save you space in your touch-up kit and you can still carry that trendy box clutch to the party without making it look bloated up!
Here’s how to master this game like a pro:

Sayanti Banerjee

Need mid-week ‘mood-lifter’?

It is Wednesday already and the countdown to the weekend has started rolling. So with just 2 days to go, you need a little boost in order to have the energy levels high and keep going.
While drinking at work may not be a good idea, pizza party is something you can surely indulge in?

In fact, it is easy to have them over a working lunch, even while you are glued to your workstation. I tried doing so by ordering in from Chilli Flakes in Lower Parel, Mumbai.

✌Here’s my list of mid-week ‘mood-lifters’ that you too must try and why:
🍕The TRUFFLE which is a signature preparation with cheese, white winter truffle oil, fresh parsley and black truffle salt simply melts in your mouth.

🍕SMOKED MARGARITA PIZZA which has smoked mozzarella, tomato sauce and fresh basil, leaves you craving for more without making you feel too full.

🍕BOMBAY MASALA CHICKEN that has home made chicken mince, marinated in Indian spices with smoked mozzarella cheese, onions, green chilly and chipotle mayonnaise has a desi twist to the Italian recipe.

🍯If that’s not treat enough for you, dig into a chocolicious mousse dessert that is the signature speciality of Chilli Flakes for an instant, lip smacking experience!

#WOW TIP: Having a heavy lunch is better than indulging in a huge dinner speard. So plan your day smartly and make it WoW!!!

        -Sayanti Banerjee

📷 PHOTO CREDIT:Aanchal Nevatia

How to get that perfect pout?

Even if you don’t wear any makeup, a dash of colour on the lips spells- good to go! No wonder that as a grooming essential, what makes the glamour world go around literally, is a perfect pout. Right from Hollywood and Bollywood divas to the selfie queens, everyone wants to make a beauty statement with their lips and hold all attention without going OTT…
While it is a fact that celebs go under the knife for corrective surgeries, one of the most popular ones is that of lip plumping. Now even collagen ingections, other non-invasive procedures and lip plumping products are popular around the world. But why spend a bomb on them when you can get a wow pout with the products that you already have in your beauty kit?
Here’s how to make the best of them and be wow!!!

-Sayanti Banerjee