The Swimsuit Style that Suits Every Bodytype?

Wearing swimwear can make you re-discover your body shape like never before.  Extra bulges can show up suddenly from nowhere and you may not feel comfortable to sport the glam attire that look stunning on models and celebs on the ramps and silver screens always…

Get real and opt for a swimsuit style that suits your bodytype. It will help you to feel more confident and focus on the workout while you have fun in the pool at the same time.
Well, it’s Friday already and if you are planning to go for a swim over the weekend, here’s how you can choose your swimwear smartly.

👍A one-piece swimsuit is always a safe bet. Make sure it fits you well and is neither a size smaller or bigger than what you require.
👍Opt for a darker colour that will hide the extra fat effortlessly. You can have hints of pop colour on a monochrome suit to boost the fashion quotient.

👍Go for a style that offers more coverage as a skirt finish. It looks feminine and would not make your lower body look heavy.
👍Keep interesting cover ups and sarongs handy to add in a bit of style and comfort while you are lounging by the pool.
👍A pair of sexy glares will make the whole world stare, so bring on some cool attitude to boot!

✌Remember you are there to burn those calories and shed that extra fat from your body, so just take it easy and have a splash in the pool!
Sayanti Banerjee

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