Get the GOT Look?

I must confess, that I am not a big fan of the Game of Thrones but I surely wanted to checkout why it is such a rage. More popular as GOT, the dramatic episodes have been wooing the audience across the globe but what fascinated me about this series in it’s 6th season of glory is the classic Medival look of the characters that are evergreen.

Infact, I wanted to decode the hair, makeup and fashion statements of Sansa Stark played by actor Sophie Turner. She has been a major character across the GOT series so far and her bold and beautiful personal style is worth emulating even on a regular day.

Here’s what I found WoW:
☆MAKEUP: There is an element of peach, pink and apricot that defines her look. This eyeshadow colour on the eyelids is perfect for the summer, daylook.
#DIY: Apart from the eyelids, keep the overall makeup tone monochrome by adding a hint of blush and lip colour in similar shades of your eyeshadow.

☆HAIR: Braids are always in fashion and her hairstyle showcases the look of a Grecian maiden. It’s really simple but very chic.

#DIY: Make a deep middle parting that works for all hair types. Tie up a few strands from the crown section into two sleek pony tails and start braiding them as you go along the length. Secure the end with a single rubberband such that both the braids merge into one.

☆OUTFIT: Sansa wears classy, long robes in muted colours.
#DIY: You can try her style by wearing a long cape or a maxi-dress that is in fashion currently. Subtle shades of gray or blue work the best.


♡Try out Sansa Stark’s look from GOT and let me know if it made you feel WoW in front of the mirror and got you loads of compliments…

Sayanti Banerjee
Photo credit: Prajesh Meshram Photography

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