Waterproof your Makeup now!

The reason why makeup is called an art is, it sets your imagination free. So throw away that rule book and play with colours and products that you fancy.
This season, the monsoon showers can over power the war paint that you apply on your face. So just make that one smart change in your beauty kit. Go waterproof with your makeup! There are loads of products that are avaiable in the market and I got an expert like Swaroop Dalal, a Creative Artist at Kromakay, to showcase how they work.
Also, what makes me say ‘wow’ now, is that she had almost designed my look a month ago which Bollywood Diva Deepika Padukone wore recently at IIFA 2016. It is still a rage and you must watch it for yourself! Here’s how to own this diva glam:

-Sayanti Banerjee

Makeup & Hair by Swaroop Dalal- Creative Artist at Kromakay

Venue: Kromakay Salon, Bandra, Mumbai

Evergreen Hairstyles of Wimbledon Stars

There is something alluring about sports personalities both on and off the field. Their charm lies in the fact that they are effortless in whatever they do. No wonder why most of them double up as models to endorse fashion, beauty and lifestyle products and also give the actors a run for their money.

So while watching Wimbledon Championship 2016, you too can pickup a few style statements to try now.
The 3 evergreen hairstyles that have been flaunted by most tennis players on and off the courst are – ponytails, braids and buns.

You can wear them with sporty casuals or in the gym to enjoy all attention.
Here’s how to do so:




Watch my You Tube video for the Step by Step hair tutorial.

Also do share your comments 😊

-Sayanti Banerjee

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Sarong Styles to try now…

Most of us love lounging by the pool side and that goes beyond swimming. So while some feel comfortable in their swimwear, many would wish to opt for a stylish cover up. Instead of opting for a simple sarong, you can tie a stroll or a scarf in three different ways.
In fact, they can double up as a great outfit option for a raindance party this monsoon.

Here’s how to make it look wow:

-Sayanti Banerjee

SlowMo Yoga to beat FOMO

In today’s social media happy world FOMO is always trending. It is the ‘fear of missing out’! So here is a one-stop solution to keep going.

Yoga is a workout for your soul. It is a healing art that calms the mind and relaxes the body at the same time. This traditional exercise form has evolved over the years with newer versions and variations like dynamic yoga, hot yoga, power yoga, ariel yoga and whatever else you might fancy.

The truth is that…
👉 the foundation of yoga remains the same as it is based on breathing techniques and stretching muscles.
👉While yoga ensures flexibility, you need to balance yourself firmly in order to hold a few poses.
👉You can begin at any age and get better with practise.
👉 You need to workout on emply stomatch or eat 1 hour prior to your yoga session. Any time of the day!
👉Thrice a week and different sets of exercises are what you need to build strength and stamina.
👉 Yoga does not really help in loosing weight but it helps you to stay in shape by getting rid of those extra bulges and inches from your body.
👉 You can stay away from a number of lifestyle diseases as Yoga helps you to work on your internal organs as well.
👉Yoga is the answer to de-stress your body and mind in order to keep pace with this fast paced world.

Live Happy with Yoga EVERYDAY😊

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Sayanti Banerjee

How to strip-off Makeup

While applying makeup is an art, removing every trace of it from you face requires skills too. In fact, you may not know that sleeping with makeup on leads to wrinkles and breakouts as well. If you stop being lazy and simply upgrade your beauty hauls, here’s how you can make sure that your skin looks stunning with, as well as without makeup!

To master the right technique like a pro, watch my step by step You Tube video.

Sayanti Banerjee
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Power of Ponytails

Whether your hair is curly, straight or wavy, one hairstyle that you must have tried at some point of life, is double ponytails! While these hairstyles are believed to look cute on kids and even upto high-school days, post that I can bet that very few girls actually dare to sport them. The truth is that, this fuss-free hairstyle is actually evergreen and you can wear them at any age.

👉I give you 5  WoW reasons why you should try them now:
1) Bored of wearing your hair open? Simply do a middle parting and tie two ponytails at the nape of your neck for an instant makeover!

2) This hairstyle will make your hair managable effortlessly. Also keep your issues about volume and bounce at bay with a sleek or messy finish.
3) They instantly knock off a few years from your face. Won’t you try this anti-aging hairdo?
4) Works best to save a bad hair day as it is a simple yet geek-chic, too-cool-for-school hairstyle. Looks smart with casuals and adds a sporty edge as well.
4) Suits a day look when the mercury is on the rise and you still need to look nice!
5) A few celebs, divas and fashionistas have flaunted this style with elan to make their personal style statements. Why not do so to stand out from the crowd? Isn’t that what makes you WoW?


Sayanti Banerjee

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Prajesh Meshram Photography

Perfect fit for your Makeup kit

Makeup can not only transform the way you look but also the way you feel. That is what makes a beauty product ‘wow’.  A few magic wands and colour palettes can simply reinforce the self-confidence of a woman.

I love wearing makeup and recently I tried the Spring 2016 makeup collection from the Italian brand – DEBORAH Milano.

Though I have loads of cosmetics in my beauty box, I must confess that the eyeshadow palette and the lipsticks from this brand are my ‘go to’ solutions now. Here’s what makes them WoW:

♡ The soft, smokey eyeshadow palette has 5 shades and different textures to choose from.

☆Going by my mood and outfit choice, I can pick from moss green to blush pink in matte, pearl or satin finish.
☆The brush is unique and effective in reaching the inner corners of the eyes as well.
☆In fact, this angular brush can be used to redefine my eye shape quite effortlessly.


♡ I apply the Divine Volume & Curves mascara to finish my eye makeup look. With just  two coats, I can pretty up my lashes and make my eyes look bigger instantly!


☆The texture of the lipsticks are semi-matte with a hint of glossy finish that’s trending currently.

☆The lipsticks simply glide on the lips to make the pout look attractive. The colour stays on for long and does not dryout my lips.
☆Also, the SPF 15 ensures sun protection for the day.

WOW PICK: Milano Red 13 – The Red Dress

Sayanti Banerjee

insta: sayanti_banerjee


📷Prajesh Meshram Photography

High 5 for Global Wellness

Imagine having ideas but no enegy to execute them. Getting opportunities but feeling drained out and unable to give your 100 % .
Sounds so depressing already, right?But the truth is that this is becoming the story of our modern lifestyle. We simply blame it on having ‘no time’, ‘too much of pressure to perform’ and ‘loads of stress’.  The point is, in this one life that we have it is important to live well!
While wealth can be a desire, good health is what you actually deserve…
On Global Wellness Day won’t you aim for a fitter body and a better mind for yourself? Doing a few simple exercises can go a long way and here’s how to make that wow difference to your life now!

These are a few simple stretches that you can try anywhere and anytime of the day.


1)Warm up:
Stand with your legs apart and extend your arms on both sides, in line with your shoulder. Keep your body balanced and try deep breathing. Count 10 in your mind before you release this pose.

2) Bend forward and touch your toes with your hands going alternately in a criss-cross manner. Keep your lower body fixed while you move your hips in a semi-circle. Make sure that your hands remain stretched out at all times.

3) Now, Keep your right hand on your hips and extend the left hand over your head as you bend towards the right. Hold for a count of 5 and repeat on the other side.

4) If you can balance yourself, proceed with this full-body stretch. Bring your feet closer, raise your right leg and extend it behind, till you can balance yourself. Extend your hands forward and join your palms in the pranam pose. Hold this posture for a count of 5 and repeat with the left leg.

5) Cool down:
Stand with your feet together. Extend your right hand at an angle of 90 degrees from your shoulder joint. Fold your left leg from the knee with your feet touching your back. Hold it with your left hand and balance yourself. Breathe normally and try this for a count of 5. Repeat on the other side.

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Global Wellness Day!!!
-Sayanti Banerjee

Insta: sayanti_banerjee


📷Prajesh Meshram

Monday to Friday Style File

Unless you have a uniform to wear for work, wondering how to dress up for office from Monday to Friday can be a task. Also, you can’t be shopping for new clothes every week, right?
To keep your personal style interesting simply mix and match what you have in your wardrobe. I have choosen to showcase the 5 workwear that I actually wore for work and meetings. Since they earned me compliments and added a boost to my confidence, here is a You Tube video that I made with them.
Do take a look and share your feedback:

Sayanti Banerjee

Experience a Chettinad Treat!

Thursday can be a drag since you can’t wait to get on with your weekend plans. If this is how you are feeling right now, I can suggest how you can change it to something wow!

Eating out on a mid-week evening can boost your energy while trying something new can add to the fun. The Orchid Hotel in Mumbai is hosting the Chettinad festival at the South of Vindhyas restaurant.


It is almost like travelling to the coastal regions of South India as you enjoy the ambiance and the cuisine specially prepared by Chef Bala.
Here are the 5 dishes that I found wow:

👍☆Soup: Rasam of the day
which is a tomato and lentil broth and is also a traditional health drink.

👍☆Non- veg Starters:
-Eral varuval is wok tossed  prawns in chettinad spices. The perfect appitizer to get you started.

Also, Kozhi vattal is a tawa grilled succulent chicken cooked in chef’s secret spices. It’s pure indulgence for chicken lovers like me.

👍Veg starters:

-Kuzhi paniyaram is a chettinad delicacy of rice and lentil that you won’t find anywhere else.

👍Eral Biriyani is a blend of rice and prawn spiced with chettinad spices. A must-try!

👍Desserts: Godhumai halwa are
irresistable broken wheat cakes that simply melt in your mouth!

☆On the WOW meter the experience is 6/10

-Sayanti Banerjee

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📷 Prajesh Meshram Photography