Experience a Chettinad Treat!

Thursday can be a drag since you can’t wait to get on with your weekend plans. If this is how you are feeling right now, I can suggest how you can change it to something wow!

Eating out on a mid-week evening can boost your energy while trying something new can add to the fun. The Orchid Hotel in Mumbai is hosting the Chettinad festival at the South of Vindhyas restaurant.


It is almost like travelling to the coastal regions of South India as you enjoy the ambiance and the cuisine specially prepared by Chef Bala.
Here are the 5 dishes that I found wow:

👍☆Soup: Rasam of the day
which is a tomato and lentil broth and is also a traditional health drink.

👍☆Non- veg Starters:
-Eral varuval is wok tossed  prawns in chettinad spices. The perfect appitizer to get you started.

Also, Kozhi vattal is a tawa grilled succulent chicken cooked in chef’s secret spices. It’s pure indulgence for chicken lovers like me.

👍Veg starters:

-Kuzhi paniyaram is a chettinad delicacy of rice and lentil that you won’t find anywhere else.

👍Eral Biriyani is a blend of rice and prawn spiced with chettinad spices. A must-try!

👍Desserts: Godhumai halwa are
irresistable broken wheat cakes that simply melt in your mouth!

☆On the WOW meter the experience is 6/10

-Sayanti Banerjee

Instagram: sayanti_banerjee

🐥Twitter: @mesayanti

#snapchat: thewowdetector
📷 Prajesh Meshram Photography

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