High 5 for Global Wellness

Imagine having ideas but no enegy to execute them. Getting opportunities but feeling drained out and unable to give your 100 % .
Sounds so depressing already, right?But the truth is that this is becoming the story of our modern lifestyle. We simply blame it on having ‘no time’, ‘too much of pressure to perform’ and ‘loads of stress’.  The point is, in this one life that we have it is important to live well!
While wealth can be a desire, good health is what you actually deserve…
On Global Wellness Day won’t you aim for a fitter body and a better mind for yourself? Doing a few simple exercises can go a long way and here’s how to make that wow difference to your life now!

These are a few simple stretches that you can try anywhere and anytime of the day.


1)Warm up:
Stand with your legs apart and extend your arms on both sides, in line with your shoulder. Keep your body balanced and try deep breathing. Count 10 in your mind before you release this pose.

2) Bend forward and touch your toes with your hands going alternately in a criss-cross manner. Keep your lower body fixed while you move your hips in a semi-circle. Make sure that your hands remain stretched out at all times.

3) Now, Keep your right hand on your hips and extend the left hand over your head as you bend towards the right. Hold for a count of 5 and repeat on the other side.

4) If you can balance yourself, proceed with this full-body stretch. Bring your feet closer, raise your right leg and extend it behind, till you can balance yourself. Extend your hands forward and join your palms in the pranam pose. Hold this posture for a count of 5 and repeat with the left leg.

5) Cool down:
Stand with your feet together. Extend your right hand at an angle of 90 degrees from your shoulder joint. Fold your left leg from the knee with your feet touching your back. Hold it with your left hand and balance yourself. Breathe normally and try this for a count of 5. Repeat on the other side.

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Global Wellness Day!!!
-Sayanti Banerjee

Insta: sayanti_banerjee


📷Prajesh Meshram

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