Perfect fit for your Makeup kit

Makeup can not only transform the way you look but also the way you feel. That is what makes a beauty product ‘wow’.  A few magic wands and colour palettes can simply reinforce the self-confidence of a woman.

I love wearing makeup and recently I tried the Spring 2016 makeup collection from the Italian brand – DEBORAH Milano.

Though I have loads of cosmetics in my beauty box, I must confess that the eyeshadow palette and the lipsticks from this brand are my ‘go to’ solutions now. Here’s what makes them WoW:

♡ The soft, smokey eyeshadow palette has 5 shades and different textures to choose from.

☆Going by my mood and outfit choice, I can pick from moss green to blush pink in matte, pearl or satin finish.
☆The brush is unique and effective in reaching the inner corners of the eyes as well.
☆In fact, this angular brush can be used to redefine my eye shape quite effortlessly.


♡ I apply the Divine Volume & Curves mascara to finish my eye makeup look. With just  two coats, I can pretty up my lashes and make my eyes look bigger instantly!


☆The texture of the lipsticks are semi-matte with a hint of glossy finish that’s trending currently.

☆The lipsticks simply glide on the lips to make the pout look attractive. The colour stays on for long and does not dryout my lips.
☆Also, the SPF 15 ensures sun protection for the day.

WOW PICK: Milano Red 13 – The Red Dress

Sayanti Banerjee

insta: sayanti_banerjee


📷Prajesh Meshram Photography

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