Power of Ponytails

Whether your hair is curly, straight or wavy, one hairstyle that you must have tried at some point of life, is double ponytails! While these hairstyles are believed to look cute on kids and even upto high-school days, post that I can bet that very few girls actually dare to sport them. The truth is that, this fuss-free hairstyle is actually evergreen and you can wear them at any age.

๐Ÿ‘‰I give you 5ย  WoW reasons why you should try them now:
1) Bored of wearing your hair open? Simply do a middle parting and tie two ponytails at the nape of your neck for an instant makeover!

2) This hairstyle will make your hair managable effortlessly. Also keep your issues about volume and bounce at bay with a sleek or messy finish.
3) They instantly knock off a few years from your face. Won’t you try this anti-aging hairdo?
4) Works best to save a bad hair day as it is a simple yet geek-chic, too-cool-for-school hairstyle. Looks smart with casuals and adds a sporty edge as well.
4) Suits a day look when the mercury is on the rise and you still need to look nice!
5) A few celebs, divas and fashionistas have flaunted this style with elan to make their personal style statements. Why not do so to stand out from the crowd? Isn’t that what makes you WoW?


Sayanti Banerjee

Instagram: sayanti_banerjee

Twitter: @mesayanti

Snapchat: thewowdetector

Prajesh Meshram Photography

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