Waterproof your Makeup now!

The reason why makeup is called an art is, it sets your imagination free. So throw away that rule book and play with colours and products that you fancy.
This season, the monsoon showers can over power the war paint that you apply on your face. So just make that one smart change in your beauty kit. Go waterproof with your makeup! There are loads of products that are avaiable in the market and I got an expert like Swaroop Dalal, a Creative Artist at Kromakay, to showcase how they work.
Also, what makes me say ‘wow’ now, is that she had almost designed my look a month ago which Bollywood Diva Deepika Padukone wore recently at IIFA 2016. It is still a rage and you must watch it for yourself! Here’s how to own this diva glam:

-Sayanti Banerjee

Makeup & Hair by Swaroop Dalal- Creative Artist at Kromakay

Venue: Kromakay Salon, Bandra, Mumbai

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