‘Sleep well’ Yoga to wakeup ‘wow’!

Good morning! Yes it is past 12 noon on a Saturday but hey, did you wakeup early on a weekend? Given our ‘trendy’ lifestyle, we sleep late specially on a Friday and wakeup later than regular schedule on a Saturday and Sunday.
Does it help your body to catchup on all the ‘sleep debt’ of the week?
Well, it’s time to wakeup to the reality may be…
You need at least 7 hours of sleep every night in order to stay healthy, fit and fine.
There are a few yoga poses that you can do before bedtime in order to get sound sleep. Here’s how to master them now and live a wow life:

Sayanti Banerjee

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Have U tried Cryotherapy yet?👈

Today wellness is a part of our lifestyle as staying fit and eating healthy have become top priorities. So we are constantly evolving to look at newer ways of de-stressing our body and mind. I was fascinated by something that I came across recently…
When I was invited to try Cryotherapy, I thought it is about giving vent to your emotions by crying your heart out as a natural catharsis. 😢
Well, that was not what it turned out to be! In fact, it was a fun experience of getting into a chamber that was -135 degrees and chilling literally. Continue reading “Have U tried Cryotherapy yet?👈”

Travel in Style✈

There is only one thing that is constant in life – CHANGE! This is also the very essence of travelling. We all keep moving from point to point – whether it is everyday, from home to work and back or on a holiday from one city to another.
It is a fact that looking good makes you feel great. So even while you are on the go, having your fashion quotient in place is very important in today’s world. Well, it is easy to carry well-pressed clothes and makeup kit but styling the hair becomes a challenge.
In order to rule out bad hair days, here is what I decided to put together. These 3 easy to wear, heatless hairstlyes are perfect to sport while you are travelling. Let me know which one worked for you?

-Sayanti Banerjee

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TheWoWDetector (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC41qQrF7PQJlfg7RsaLPsGw?sub_confirmation=1)
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Need Skincare that works?

The first thing a girl does after waking up in the morning, is to look into the mirror. So spotting a pimple can change her good morning to a bad one. Well, it is a fact that your inner health gets reflected on your skin. So, in order to get a naturally glowing skin, focus on a good skincare regime.


I recently visited CHERYL’s Cosmeceuticals, a skincare specialist brand of the L’Oreal portfolio now, to know my skin type and get a facial done as per my concerns.

I was surprised how apart from an expert like Gunjan Jain, National Education Manager at  Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals, there is an app as well to detect my skintype and address the hidden issues to the core.

Since my skin seemed to be sensitive, I was suggested the Sensi Glow facial.

A professional facial in 20 days is a must as it helps to clean the pores from the deeper layers of your skin.
☆What I found WoW about the CHERYL’S SensiGlow facial:
-There was no itching or burning sensation at all.
-The facial massage helped my skin to detox, destress and feel relaxed at the same time.
-The face packs had potent ingredients that helped to bring out my natural glow at the end of the service.
-The blend of advanced technology and natural ingredients makes CHERYL’S skin rituals safe for every skin type including the sensitive ones.

-The basic cleansing, toning and moisturising is a must twice a day.
-Also, you must apply a sunscreen everyday, around the year and reapply after 3 hrours if you are out in the sun for long.

Sayanti Banerjee
You Tube channel: TheWoWDetector (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC41qQrF7PQJlfg7RsaLPsGw?sub_confirmation=1)
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Now it’s Time to Bag it!💼

It is a fact that a woman carries her world in her bag. It gives her a sense of security when she needs to place it over her knees to cover her short skirt or simply use it as a shield to cling onto her bag amidst a crowd.
So the function of a bag goes beyond being just an accessory.

IMG_20160720_114008.jpg Continue reading “Now it’s Time to Bag it!💼”

Rainbow inspiration…🌈

While some of us love the rains, there are many who don’t. The idea is to make the best out of every season and in order to brighten up your mood on a dull and gloomy day, sport the colours of the rainbow. Trust me they work like magic to boost your energy and style quotient at the same time!
Let the cloud cast skies of monsoon give you the chance to experiment with colours now.

Here’s how I decided to team up my pair of black gumboots with different outfits from the VIBGYOR palatte.
You too can own the violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red now:

-Sayanti Banerjee

When Classy meets Contemporary…

Though I hardly wear traditional Indian outfits on a day to day basis, for my cousin’s wedding, I am planning to wear a saree, salwar suit and lehenga across the ceremonies in Kolkata.When it comes to ethnic wear, vibrant colours, graceful silhouettes and elegant embroidery enhance the beauty of a woman.

Yes, that is my hometown and I am excited to surf and discover  EthnicDukaan.com which belongs to my City of Joy! This e-commerce portal offers a wide variety of traditional women’s wear, weaving in the rich cultural heritage of India.

Today, shopping online is a common practice as it saves time and spoils you for choice at the same time. While there are loads of websites that I visited, I chose to order from this portal for these five ‘WoW’ reasons:

  • The texture of the handloom fabric is unmatchable when it comes to comfort and elegance.
  • The magic of handicraft is spelt in every design, whether simple or intricate in pattern.
  • The vibrant colours are mixed and matched perfectly to make every outfit standout as unique.
  • The silhouettes are very modern and classy at the same time. So I can wear them across any occasion.
  • The website is user-friendly and loaded with discounts that will make me go back for more.

Checkout now: www.ethnicdukaan.com

Sarees, Salwar Suit, Lehenga

Sayanti Banerjee

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Sport a Special Hairstyle

We all change our clothes, shoes, bags and accessories frequently but when it comes to hairstyle, it remains the same.  No wonder that our makeover remains incomplete as the crowning glory actually makes a lot of difference to the way we look.
Since monsoons are the safest time to experiment, simply try a new haircut, colour or atleast style your hair differently now?
I wanted to try the look of actor Anushka Sharma from the Bollywood movie Sultan. She plays the character of Aarfa who is a wrestler and sports box braids that look really cool.
Here’s howto wear her hair:

Sayanti Banerjee

Window to your World

In this technology-happy world, a saying like – ‘Clothes make a man’ actually goes beyond what you wear.
Your lifestyle gets defined by the aesthetics of style from your day to day life. Also, the way you live your life becomes an extension of your personality. So the ambiance and the decor of your home becomes quite significant.

Screenshot_2016-07-01-23-46-26-1 Continue reading “Window to your World”