Window to your World

In this technology-happy world, a saying like – ‘Clothes make a man’ actually goes beyond what you wear.
Your lifestyle gets defined by the aesthetics of style from your day to day life. Also, the way you live your life becomes an extension of your personality. So the ambiance and the decor of your home becomes quite significant.


Keeping in mind these fine points and redefining them with state-of -the art technology, a good brand offers variety.
Offering a wide range of home decor, fittings and furnishings to choose from,
I recently came across Deco Window!
It is an e-commerce portal from the house of Jayanita Exports Pvt Ltd and recently showcased classic products in various categories with numerous options, at the HGH Exhibition in Mumbai.

What makes these products WoW:
Superior quality of material used
☆Multi-functional features
☆Value for money
☆Complete window solutions
with roller blinds, customized curtains, customized blinds, curtain tracks, wooden curtain rods, premium automated curtain tracks, modern shelves and a whole new range of tiebacks.

♡ Deco Window for the first time is introducing manual tracks of 19mm and 50mm with – Automatic Roman blind, Roller blind and trim books.

♡ Launched in 2008, Deco Window as the name suggests, offers complete window solutions.

♡ There are cushions, trimmings, door seals, garden torches and much more to choose from.

♡ You can select from a variety of products available online as well as offline that are displated at some of the partner stores across India.


For online orders check website: decowindow,decohome and decoessential.

Sayanti Banerjee

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