Now it’s Time to Bag it!💼

It is a fact that a woman carries her world in her bag. It gives her a sense of security when she needs to place it over her knees to cover her short skirt or simply use it as a shield to cling onto her bag amidst a crowd.
So the function of a bag goes beyond being just an accessory.


It was interesting how a top brand like Baggit chose to play a contest that said ‘Guess the mood’. There is a lot of thought that goes into the colour and design of each bag.

While Prachi Bhogte won herself a trunk full of Baggit bags and accessories, I got this beautiful backpack from the brand’s latest collection.

☆The pop of fresh aquamarine colour is an instant mood-lifter.
☆The material has subtle texturing that makes the overall finish look more classy.
☆Apart from being a trendy backpack it is spacious too as a perfect day or work bag.


If these are not reasons enough why you should own it, check it out for yourself…
I would leave you with a wow thought that…

Whatever you care to achieve in Life is out there waiting for you…
Simply go and bag it!!!
Sayanti Banerjee

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