Have U tried Cryotherapy yet?👈

Today wellness is a part of our lifestyle as staying fit and eating healthy have become top priorities. So we are constantly evolving to look at newer ways of de-stressing our body and mind. I was fascinated by something that I came across recently…
When I was invited to try Cryotherapy, I thought it is about giving vent to your emotions by crying your heart out as a natural catharsis. 😢
Well, that was not what it turned out to be! In fact, it was a fun experience of getting into a chamber that was -135 degrees and chilling literally.



The word ‘Cryo’ in Greek means cold and therapy is of course cure. This has been a popular technique in the 17th century as I read up and would ease pain and boost metabolism.



My experience of Cryotherapy was rejuvinating. For the first time in India, Alchemy is offering full-body Cryotherapy. It is celeb fitness trainer Neville Wadia’s newly launched holistic fitness center in Mumbai. I am sure if you look up, there will be options near you as well.


•Cryotherapy uses extremely cold temperatures to stimulate the muscles. •There are multiple health benifits like speeding up recovery time, reducing post-workout soreness, increasing collagen production and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
•Cryotherapy’s benefits span across age groups and lifestyles.
•It has been used by many athletes to reduce muscle inflammation and fatigue, and to boost their energy levels.

Bollywood Superstar at Alchemy Cryochamber.jpg


A list of celebrities like –
☆Cristiano Ronaldo
☆Michael Phelps
☆Kate Moss
☆Jessica Alba
☆Demi Moore
☆Jennifer Aniston
☆Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor!


Ranbir Kapoor chilling @Alchemy Cryochamber

So what are you waiting for?
Simply join the club of A-listers by experiencing this wow healing therapy!

-Sayanti Banerjee

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TheWoWDetector (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC41qQrF7PQJlfg7RsaLPsGw?sub_confirmation=1)
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🐥twitter: @mesayanti
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