Soul Pampering @SolDeGoa…

Mumbai is the city of dreams and in order to chase those dreams you need to constantly be on your toes. The fear-of-loosing-out or FOMO is like an alarm that is ticking by always. So whenever I get an opportunity to escape the mad rush, I take off on a holiday in search of temporary nirvana. This time I went to Goa.

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How to look WoW 24/7

The clock is my biggest competition. I am always running to be on time and somehow it keeps ticking by and I am ‘late’! Now I have realised that while there is a grace period given most of the time, looking graceful is important too.
Make sure that you turn up looking well-groomed, even when you are let’s say ‘fashionably late’!
Here’s a video that you can watch and learn from. While on the go, have these 5 beauty products in your touchup kit to look WoW always.
Here’s how the magic of makeup can transform not only the way you look but also how you feel.

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Beer & Beyond…

I must confess that I am fond of gardens and not beers but wanted to still explore what the newly launched Beer Garden is all about. As one of the latest party dens in Mumbai, Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden has been making a buzz for a month now. So I chose to have my friend who is an expert when it comes to beers, accompany me this evening. And the experience turned out to be wow…

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What’s ‘Fashionably’ Late?

In today’s world, we are always on the go. Every hour is a rush hour as time seems to fly by while there is so much that needs to be done.
While running late can add to your stress levels, being  ‘fashionably late’ might work as a stress buster?
You can always try…
Here’s how to move in style around the clock.
I have made this YouTube video with some of my wardrobe staples that I can wear as:
In fact, I usually mix and match prints, silhouttes, colours and designs to keep every look interesting.
The best part is that I don’t waste time on deciding what to wear anymore…

So stay stylish and be ‘WoW’ always!

Sayanti Banerjee

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Food for every Mood?

What we wear can vary depending on our bodytype, personality, season, occasion and the list goes. But what we eat is usually based on our mood. 20160816_144310.jpg
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Freedom from Pimples

The word ‘Freedom’ might mean different things for different people. With the Independence Day countdown beginning, I wanted to ask – Who wants freedom from pimples?

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Are you ready for the Big S-A-L-E?

If there is one four letter word that we all love, it is…

S-A-L-E !!!

Well, women are mostly accused of being ‘bargain hunters’ and ending up buying things that they may not even need. But I am sure men too would not shy away from saving money if they spotted the word DISCOUNT on products that they require as a part of their daily regime. To end this debate on a happy note, here is an exclusive announcement of a mega sale that is coming your way. Here it goes:

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Friends are like Vegetables🍅🍆🌽

Yes, that’s right! Friends are like vegetables
they come in different shapes, sizes and colours to enrich your life. They take care of your mental health and well being by making you smile and be happy.
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Workout like Animals?

Everytime you see a cat stretch, bear crawl, crocodile sawy, do you wish you too were as fexible?

Well, we humans are much evolved than animals but there might be a thing or two that is worth learning from them…
To begin with, they don’t go to the gym or use any equipments to stay agile. So you too can try getting fitter naturally by trying out these exercises at home. Continue reading “Workout like Animals?”

Searching for: Pokemon vs Soulmate

I got poked to write this post…

Though I have not played this OMG, trending game on my phone yet, ‘Pokemon Go’ has become a rage all around me suddenly. In fact, this digital monster has caught the fancy of even those who I know were earlier searching for ‘true love’ on various dating sites and Tinder as well.pix (1)

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