Searching for: Pokemon vs Soulmate

I got poked to write this post…

Though I have not played this OMG, trending game on my phone yet, ‘Pokemon Go’ has become a rage all around me suddenly. In fact, this digital monster has caught the fancy of even those who I know were earlier searching for ‘true love’ on various dating sites and Tinder as well.pix (1)

That makes me feel amused how the power of the virtual world is now controlling the real and making even mature adult minds get hooked onto a game. But my point of comparison is the elusiveness that seems to be common.

pix (2).jpg

In fact, I was an observer of a fun debate between two of my friends about this, last night. Let’s call them ‘P’ and ‘S’ for privacy.

P of course would indicate team Pokemon while S is Soulmate searcher. Gender doesn’t matter in this context 🙂

P: So you think you will find your ‘soulmate’ like it happens in movies. Grow up, no one is perfect so you are just wasting your time!

S: What do you think you are doing with your life? Catching Pokemon to get your sense of achievement, everyday…

P: It’s fun, trust me. I think chasing these cute Nintendo characters like Squirtle and Pikachu on my smartphone is less stressful than dealing with people and their complicated behaviours in real life.

S: But if your eyes stay glued onto your phone screen, how will anyone be able to communicate with you?

P: This is a baseless argument and now I am getting busy as I have come to my pokestop!

S: Great, bye from me then as I would prefer to have a face to face conversation. May be that’s not normal anymore…pix (3).jpg

P: Will ping you later on whatsapp…

S: Wow!

Well, this was it but then the irony is, what are we looking for in life? I think it scares everyone to be in this real world now… so switching off and getting into the virtual space feels much safer.

What is your opinion, I would love to know…

Do let me know your views 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Searching for: Pokemon vs Soulmate

  1. I totally agree to your point that real world scares the shit out of people and thus they take refuge in virtual world. A scary trend but some say “that’s human evolution”. Social scientists are curiously observing the trend and trying to extrapolate the same to the consequences. Post modern history is getting written everyday! Thanks for sharing your views Sayanti! Love your blog.

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