Friends are like Vegetables🍅🍆🌽

Yes, that’s right! Friends are like vegetables
they come in different shapes, sizes and colours to enrich your life. They take care of your mental health and well being by making you smile and be happy.
Each of them have different personalities and you can compare them to the following :


•They come in many layers.
•Totally unpredictable.
•Might make you cry as well but you cannot do without them.

Screenshot_2016-08-07-18-34-02-1.png♡ TOMATO:
•Soft from the core as well.
• Will always give in.
• You might find them boring at times.

Screenshot_2016-08-07-18-31-51-1.png♡ POTATO:
•Might be hard to deal with them at times.
• Can be sweet as well as fake.
• Also, you cannot trust them too much.

Screenshot_2016-08-07-18-33-22-1.png♡ BITTER GOURD
•Full of sob stories.
•Nagging and complaining all the time.
•Lazy and looking for help always.

Screenshot_2016-08-07-18-32-20-1.png♡ CHILLI
•Gives honest opinions on your face always.
•You can usually trust their instincts.
•They might be blunt and rude at times.

So what kind of a friend are you to begin with?

I feel I am more the ONION type and I love that vegetable as well😘
Will love to know your views buddies…
Till then, have a WoW Friendship’s Day!!!
Sayanti Banerjee

You Tube channel
TheWoWDetector (
📷 instagram: Sayanti_banerjee
🐥twitter: @mesayanti
Snapchat: thewowdetector

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