Are you ready for the Big S-A-L-E?

If there is one four letter word that we all love, it is…

S-A-L-E !!!

Well, women are mostly accused of being ‘bargain hunters’ and ending up buying things that they may not even need. But I am sure men too would not shy away from saving money if they spotted the word DISCOUNT on products that they require as a part of their daily regime. To end this debate on a happy note, here is an exclusive announcement of a mega sale that is coming your way. Here it goes:



As the Independence day countdown begins, Big Bazaar is gearing up for the Mahabachat sale. As the name suggests, you will have the biggest of brands offering best of discounts. With the slogan “Hum Tayyaar hai” that the retailers are pledging, get ready to get pampered between 13th – 17th August 2016.

Mahabachat Brand Ad  cm New-03.jpg 


This is in fact the 11th year of Mahabachat sale and if you have been a part of it earlier, you know it has just got better with every year. The brands like NIVEA, PRESTIGE, MILTON, UNICHARM (MAMY POKO PANTS), KELLOGGS, PAPER BOAT, 3M, MTR, RASNA, DELMONTE and the likes are all a part of this mega campaign!


While you might be shopping for clothes, shoes and outfits around the year as per the season and occasion, make the best out of this Mega shopping opportunity

  • In order to follow a good diet, buy breakfast cereals, juices, milk, low calorie snacks and healthier lunch and dinner options.
  • Check for the date of expiry to make sure that they last you for long and you don’t need to go shopping for grocery for a while. You will be able to have a better planned lifestyle.
  • In fact, you can stock up the daily use items like toothpaste, soap, handwash, facewash, shaving foam, shampoo, conditioner, oil, body lotion, deodorants and the likes that you would need for good hygiene always.

So shop and save money and time now by making the best use of Mahabachat. Here’s a sneak-peek of Mahabachat!!!

Sayanti Banerjee

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