Food for every Mood?

What we wear can vary depending on our bodytype, personality, season, occasion and the list goes. But what we eat is usually based on our mood. 20160816_144310.jpg
While, the notion of ’emotional eating’ is often put in a negative context relating to stress, the fact is that when it comes to food the question is – What do you ‘feel’ like having?
Of course there are times when you can’t decide what exactly you want to eat. I recently visited Thyme based on its tagline – A bistro for the real you!
It was a wow experience as it catered to my mood with great food!


Here’s what makes it a ‘wow’ discovery:
☆The witty quotes on the wall will reassure you the split personality is normal. That is because while multi-tasking you bring out your multi-faceted persona.


So when you read on the wall-
‘VP of a big company’ can still do ‘TP with friend’s company’ you laugh out loud and say WoW!
☆There are books, music and retro chic decor to create a perfect lounging ambiance.

☆The place itself transforms itself from being a comfortable work den by the day to a party hub by the evening.
Coming to the food part which is of course why you would want to go to Thyme, here are the must try dishes from the pampering platter:

♡ Chana Chatpata- as this sweet, tangy, spicey  blend is simply irresistible!


♡ Guliyappa with chichken sukha- this is a refreshing combination that is filling but not bloating.
♡ Healthy kale juice and Spirulina drink- These health drinks taste good as well as look great in stunning green apart from adding a boost to your immune system.
♡Special Mocha- This is the finest blend of coffee and chocolate that you can sip as a comfort drink, any hour of the day!

So be the real you and head to Thyme to discover the food for your mood 😊

Sayanti Banerjee

Photo credit: Anish Nair
You Tube channel
TheWoWDetector (
📷 instagram: Sayanti_banerjee
🐥twitter: @mesayanti
Snapchat: thewowdetector

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