Soul Pampering @SolDeGoa…

Mumbai is the city of dreams and in order to chase those dreams you need to constantly be on your toes. The fear-of-loosing-out or FOMO is like an alarm that is ticking by always. So whenever I get an opportunity to escape the mad rush, I take off on a holiday in search of temporary nirvana. This time I went to Goa.

by d window.jpg

Actually, travel is an experience that not only helps you to explore new places but also rediscover yourself in the process. My recent trip was an interesting experience of soul pampering at Sol De Goa.


Old world charm
When I was invited to visit the property of Sol De Goa, I was expecting it to be just another luxury hotel. But when I reached the entrance, it seemed like a castle in pristine white, straight out of a fairy tale… The classy villa look with an old-world charm, enticed me completely.
property entryoutdoor

While I felt transported to a dream world, at the same time I could re-live a bit of history too. The décor and the interiors capture the Portuguese essence and echoes a unique vintage feel. The contemporary element is enhanced by the creations of ace fashion and interior designer Tarun Tahiliani.


Sense of Serenity
There is a colour therapy that over powered my senses quite effortless. The pristine white walls, the turquoise blue pool and the lush green backdrop made for a picture-perfect setting.

poolpol view

Goan Gastronomy

What makes food a delicacy is the passion with which it is prepared. Thanks to Chef Prashant who tossed up home-style cuisine for me and introduced me to the typical Goan flavours. While sea-food and coconut based recipes are believed to be the signature dishes of Goan restaurants, I rediscovered a whole new palette at Sol De Goa.

IMG_20160825_131417IMG_20160825_131425vg kardincooking

The Goan poi which is a special bun bread made for a perfect breakfast. With Chef I learnt to cook Veg Caldin ( Video on FaceBook: for lunch. Dinner was Basa and Crab specials.


Bar Bliss

Being known as the ‘party city’ in India, the Goan bar specials are what everyone craves for. I tried a few mocktail and cocktail specialities of Sol De Goa which bartender Uttapa had prepared for me. Since I prefer a fine blend of sweet and tangy, he made sure that every drink turned out to be exactly what I wanted.

by d pool.jpg

With every sip, I enjoyed the happy, laid-back, stress-free ambiance and it added to the mood. Also, for a perfect mid-week break, every Thursday there is a live band performing and taking requests from the guests. It was the Rhythm & Blues who got me grooving.



The real Luxury in Life is Happiness…

So it is worth investing in everything that gives you the feel of bliss. For me, taking a trip to Sol De Goa felt WoW!!!

-Sayanti Banerjee
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