Festive Gifting Ideas

A gift is a token of love and in this busy world when we are constantly rushing, a sweet surprise makes us feel ‘WoW’!
This is exactly how I felt when I received a Globox.

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While you might be a fan of western wear like me, this festive season won’t you wish to look different? The spirit of the festivals like Navratri and Diwali that are coming up, celebrate colour and sparkle at its best. You can indulge in them in style and look more ravishing than ever in ethnic wear as well.

Here’s how to do it:


If you have the passion for FASHION then the ramp of Pune will have the same appeal for you as Paris!

The recently concluded 6th edition of the Pune Fashion Week presented by BVLGARI, was a two-day extravaganza that lived up to the expectations of fashion lovers like me.

Here are some fashion and beauty trends that I spotted. What makes them ‘WoW’ is that they can be flaunted in real life as well.


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Shave to Save Time?

If you are a woman, you would know how waxing your body hair feels like…. Almost an ELECTRIC shock!!!

The heat of the wax can make the skin sensitive and also might lead to peeling. The undergrowth is always an issue and you might have to wear clothing to cover up. But, did you know…

Instead of being old-school and swearing about the goodness of the sugar, honey or chocolate base that goes into a molten body wax, simply opt for a smarter option. Use a razor!

There are a lot of myths about women using a razor which is a tool for men. But hey, the point is, razor is just a tool and it does not affect the quality or the growth of your body hair. So stop worrying and start shaving to save time.

I have put a YouTube video for you to watch and learn the steps of the art of shaving. Here’s how it goes:

Sayanti Banerjee

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2 Shades of Foundation for Perfect Face Contouring

Today, taking at least one selfie a day has become a part of our daily routine.  While the phone camera might have a beauty mode and filters to make you look ‘picture perfect’, in real life won’t you wish to look as good?
Here’s how to do so like a pro:

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7 Bitter-Sweet Things about Chocolates…

If there is one thing that makes me happy instantly, it is chocolate. I can vouch that not only children but we adults too love this soul food!

There is always a debate that these sweet treats lead to weight gain and pimples. On International Chocolate Day, I had a tètè-a-tètè with Andaleeb Sahar Sayed, Executive Pastry Chef of The Lalit Mumbai, on the bitter sweet things about Chocolates.

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Say Hello! To your True Calling…

I must confess, I’m usually ( well, always) running late! So last evening was no exception. Once I got into a cab for an event, I realized that I was an hour behind schedule and the Mumbai traffic would make it impossible for me to reach before another hour! So I requested the driver to speed up immediately.  He started to almost sky-rocket the ride and that freaked me out. I panicked and asked him to drive safe. Puzzled, he looked at me and asked, “What is it that you  are rushing for Ma’m?”
It almost sounded as a rhetorical question and I did not have an answer…
Like most fashion events, this too was ‘fashionably late’ and I did not miss out on anything.  But was I willing to risk my life in the bargain? What if my speeding cab had crashed on the highway…

These gloomy thoughts actually made me get back home early for a change, tug into the bed and read a book by author Priya Kumar that says – The Calling – unleash your true self!
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What makes U say ‘WoW’?

How often do you say ‘Wow’? This is a word that I get to hear so often now. Whether in appreciation, sarcasm, disappointment, irony or wonder, this expression expresses a host of emotions quite effortlessly.
So I wanted to detect that ‘wow’ element in things that make them magical and leave you with a ‘feel good’ effect…

Here’s what my YouTube channel is all about:

Do share your thoughts with me as I would love to know your ‘wow’ views…

Sayanti Banerjee

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Home Stay in Pune

The thought of doing a home stay on one of my tours, has been on my mind for a while now. But I have to confess that so far I did not have the courage to do so.  While travelling alone I put up at luxury hotels as they are a safe bet too. But this time the spirit of a backpacker got the better of me! I was looking for a different experience and as the last weekend got longer with Monday being Ganpati festival, I took off to Pune.

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How to Style Ethnic Attire

While you might wish to dress the way you want all the year round, when it comes to Indian festivals ethnic wear is in vogue. Since I live in Mumbai, the city in which Ganpati festival is very popular celebrating the aura of the Elephant God, I chose to shop for ethnic outfits for a change.


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