How to Style Ethnic Attire

While you might wish to dress the way you want all the year round, when it comes to Indian festivals ethnic wear is in vogue. Since I live in Mumbai, the city in which Ganpati festival is very popular celebrating the aura of the Elephant God, I chose to shop for ethnic outfits for a change.


Well, to be honest, I am always in Western outfits. So wearing an Anarkali churidar or a saree got me excited. After having scouted through a number of stores, the collection at Soch boutique seemed to suit my style perfectly.


Here are the two options that I selected from the latest Meher collection to show you – How to shop and style ethnic attire:



  • Soch Sea Green & Gold Georgette Anarkali Salwar Suit:
    ☆A self-coloured outfit is always a good idea as it elongates the body by making you look tall and slim.
    ☆The fit at the bust-line and the flowy silhouette looks very classy and brings on the vintage elegance.

Opt for self-embellished kurtas so that you can go easy on accessorising the look with jewellery. I prefer minimalistic, understated glam appeal so I choose to wear only a pair of earrings.

saree look.jpg

  • Saree

Soch Black & Multicoloured Embroidered Georgette Saree:

Make sure to drape the saree as per your body-type. Wear heels if you require to keep the length of the pleats and the sash balanced from the very beginning.

☆If you are heavy at the belly or around the hips, choose a black saree with small prints to make your body look slimmer.

☆Wearing a bindi always adds more charm and grace to any Indian attire, so I sported one for a change.



While these two are my favourite picks, you can checkout the entire catalogue of Meher collection by Soch.

Also, do let me know which of the two looks you liked 🙂

-Sayanti Banerjee

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