Say Hello! To your True Calling…

I must confess, I’m usually ( well, always) running late! So last evening was no exception. Once I got into a cab for an event, I realized that I was an hour behind schedule and the Mumbai traffic would make it impossible for me to reach before another hour! So I requested the driver to speed up immediately.  He started to almost sky-rocket the ride and that freaked me out. I panicked and asked him to drive safe. Puzzled, he looked at me and asked, “What is it that you  are rushing for Ma’m?”
It almost sounded as a rhetorical question and I did not have an answer…
Like most fashion events, this too was ‘fashionably late’ and I did not miss out on anything.  But was I willing to risk my life in the bargain? What if my speeding cab had crashed on the highway…

These gloomy thoughts actually made me get back home early for a change, tug into the bed and read a book by author Priya Kumar that says – The Calling – unleash your true self!

The Cover
Yes, I judge a book by it’s cover. I am sure most of us do in this ‘visual-happy’ world. So the look of a man dressed in corporate attire, lost in thoughts, overlooking mountains from a cage – intrigued me.
I have been a student of psychology, so I could perceive that it might have something to do with being trapped in a job.

IMG-20160912-WA0002.jpgThe Protagonist
We all imagine things the way we wish them to be. So the character of Arjun is sketched as a representative of the ‘urban dilemma’ of  trying to find a way through the spiral of self-created misery. That’s the biggest connect that you may find with the protagonist of this book. The lack of ownership in us makes us feel insecure and I could relate to my own story. 


The Connect

I have quit my job by choice and I am enjoying this phase of exploring a new world of creativity through my blog and social media. But since doing a regular 9 to 5 job is ‘work’ by most people’s definition, I am constantly baffled by questions. While my work makes me happy, answering endless queries leave me confused. But then, it’s my life right and I should be unapologetic about what I believe is my source of happiness.


Answer your true calling
It is actually as simple as the question that the cabbie had asked me. What are you running after and why? This is all that YOU need to know. It’s perfectly alright if the world does not understand or approve everything that you do.
As long as you are able to unleash your true self, you have answered your true calling for a WoW Life!

-Sayanti Banerjee
Photocredit: Anish Nair

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