Decoding Denim Dynamics…

Friday is that day of the week, we all wait for as it marks the beginning of all the weekend fun! Some offices where the rule is to wear formals everyday, even allow casual wear on this ‘wow’ day! While it is party time unwinding with friends and loved ones, what to wear still adds a bit of ‘happy’ stress?
The best way to handle it is to opt for denim wear. The different styles meet various moods and seamlessly fit into every occasion.

Here’s how to do the blues:


1) Work: To add a slightly formalish feel to your attire, you can wear a quilted textured denim jacket. It blends in fashion and fun quite effortlessly.


2) Sporty: Spell ‘casual chic’ with a pair of well-fitted hot pants. They work well with a crop-top or a cool T-shirt any day.


3) Date: If you want to avoid over dressing for a romantic outing, a denim skirt is your best bet! Opt for the one with floral prints or heart motifs to add some cuteness.


4) Travel: Denims are breathable fabrics and you can wear them 24/7, quite comfortably. Instead of a pair of pants or jeggings, why not wear an A-line dress? You will look stylish even on the go…


5) Party: Denims are dynamic for sure and you can wear them to a party as well. Simply choose a silhouette based on your body type to look glamourous no matter where you go.


-Sayanti Banerjee

YouTube channel

TheWoWDetector (

📷 instagram: Sayanti_banerjee
🐥twitter: @mesayanti
Snapchat: thewowdetector

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