A Japanese Treat🎎

It is interesting how there is a cultural tie to be discovered across countries. The human emotions remain the same and that becomes the binding factor. As a Pre-Diwali treat, I celebrated the Japanese Lantern Fiesta along with Piramal Realty. This cross-cultural collaboration as a part of The Aranya Festival, celebrates a wow lifestyle experience for those who have not visited Japan yet.

Flavours of Japan
♡There were music and dance performances by well-known Japanese artists like Mai Nakanishi and UkonTakafuji. 
♡The art of Calligraphy and Origami had the visitors feel spell-bound. 
♡Adding onto the assorted interests from the island country of East Asia, there was Karate and Ramen workshops too. 
♡The authentic Japanese food stalls with Sushi and more, added the cherry topping literally.
Preserved with Love
It was almost like getting into a time machine while taking a walk through the Piramal Art Museum.
The Edo period in Japan comes alive through the sculptures, screens, and tapestry on display at the Art Museum.
 It featured an array of original Japanese artifacts and antiquities that
celebrate community living.
The Glocal Connect
Also, connecting the global with the local, Dr. Swati Piramal, Vice Chairperson, Piramal Enterprises had invited around 5,000 children from about 50 NGOs, high schools, and schools for the differently abled, to participate in this fiesta by painting their happy thoughts on the lanterns.

☆ For me,  the highlight of this event was the ‘feel-good’ factor that enlightened the hearts of the visitors like me,  symbolised by the lamps in the air…


Sayanti Banerjee
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