Be a Glow Getter this Diwali!!!

While metallic makeup has been trending, Diwali is the perfect time to shimmer and shine. So bring on the glow of glitters as you celebrate this festival of lights.


Watch my YouTube video for a beauty tutorial by celeb expert Cherag Bambboat:

*You can use the same glitter in multiple ways.

*Make sure to select your products carefully, based on your skin type.

*Glitter might spill, so keep a fan brush handy to wipe off the excess product.

* As far as eyeshadows are concerned, start with neutral colours and go darker with them.

* Define your brows with brown eyeshadow for a well-groomed finish.

* Wear false eyelashes to enhance the over all look.

* To add more glam, opt for subtle face contouring.

While you wish to dazzle this Diwali in your golden avtaar, make sure to remove the makeup properly as well. You can actually use some gift-wrapping tape to remove glitter before you cleanse the face with a good facewash.

Sayanti Banerjee

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