How to make your perfume last. . .

Rose is more than a flower. It is an expression of love and beauty. When the power of it translates into fragrance, it overpowers all the senses. So when it came to buying the Bulgari Rose Goldea, I wanted to to decide upon it by indulging my five senses.
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Thanksgiving Delights to Celebrate…

Thanksgiving is not just a holiday, it is a special occasion to express gratitude. But more than just saying a ‘Thank you’ to your friends and family, sharing a meal together would be a better idea. I took my friends to The Yard in Kalaghora, (Mumbai) for a casual dinner. This is how the newly launched restaurant treated us.

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How to Fake a Fringe?

When there is only ONE  thing that is CONSTANT in life, which is CHANGE, you can’t be blamed to live by it! To begin with, we all love to look different. Getting a quick hair makeover can be a great idea.

But then, we are usually not comfortable to go out of our comfort zone. So here’s the best bet you can opt for. Try out a faux fringe even without having to snip your hair.

Here’s how to do it:

☆Use a tail comb to brush out all the tangles from your hair.
☆ Take a horse-shoe section from the crown portion.
☆ Tie it into a sleek pony tail.
☆ Now make a half-bun out of it such that the ends fall across your forhead like a fringe.
☆ Keep the finishing neat.
☆ Use a serum to settle the fly away hair or frizz if required.

👉 Watch my YouTube video to try it like a pro:

Sayanti Banerjee

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Off beat Wedding Gift ? ? ?

It is going to be the wedding season and the trousseau shopping has started already. I am happy to be a fashion consultant for my dear friend who is tying the knot at the end of this year. Since I am close to her, I have an intimate gift for her which might seem off beat but is very essential.

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Want the Wealth of Wellness…

If you are a fitness enthusiast like me, you will know the difference between fitness and wellness. There are times when we confuse one for the other. So here is what I discovered and experienced myself at Aura Thai Spa in Navi Mumbai, Vashi.

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Art of Eating Smart

While the festive season is officially over for now, the fun continues. On a weekend, you would get those cravings to eat out and re-live those recent holiday memories with friends and family. But at the same time, you would not wish to pile on fat unnecessarily, having got back to your usual routine. The challenge is to find a mid path?
Well I would suggest that while doing so, opt for a place that serves healthy food options.

I recently came across a place called Long & Short by the Queen’s Necklace, Mumbai. It is a premium Bistro and restaurant at the  Inter Continental Marine Drive.
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