Art of Eating Smart

While the festive season is officially over for now, the fun continues. On a weekend, you would get those cravings to eat out and re-live those recent holiday memories with friends and family. But at the same time, you would not wish to pile on fat unnecessarily, having got back to your usual routine. The challenge is to find a mid path?
Well I would suggest that while doing so, opt for a place that serves healthy food options.

I recently came across a place called Long & Short by the Queen’s Necklace, Mumbai. It is a premium Bistro and restaurant at the  Inter Continental Marine Drive.
Here’s why you should try:

♡ Long & Short, like the name suggests, is a fun dining destination with a wow view. The interiors are pretty but the balcony view of the Marine Drive goes beyond the horizon.
♡ The new menu has been curated keeping in mind culinary celebration of food from all around the world.
♡ Thanks to executive chef Arzooman Irani, who has introduced a section of slim-fit foods for fitness enthusiasts based on gourmet trends.


♧ Fresh Vegetable and Fruit mix juice
♧ Cauliflower base Pizza
♧ All protein platter
♧ Bombay Street Style Toasties
♧ Sliders to share
♧ Flourless Chocolate Cake


wow.jpgWOW TIPS:
♤ Portion control is important. So share your food and cut down on calories while eating out with friends or family.
♤ Time of the day is important. So if you are planning to have a big meal, don’t wait till dinner. Let your body digest it better and opt for a king size lunch instead.
♤ Sipping on warm water with a dash of lime will help to burn fat faster.


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