Off beat Wedding Gift ? ? ?

It is going to be the wedding season and the trousseau shopping has started already. I am happy to be a fashion consultant for my dear friend who is tying the knot at the end of this year. Since I am close to her, I have an intimate gift for her which might seem off beat but is very essential.

Inside story Out
While we focus on what to wear, lingerie does not get as much of our attention. This often leads to discomfort while wearing different silhouettes. It is a fact that your innerwear makes or breaks the look as it is the first garment you wear, before anything else.
Bring it on
From Zivame’s Bridal collection, I choose to gift my friend a bra that can make a difference to her trousseau.♡ I choose a style that looks sexy with a front lock and a back lace.
♡ As far as the colour is concerned, I opted for an electric blue instead of the regular red. It is trending this wedding season.
♡ I love the packaging as well and can make for a WoW gift for your close friend too.


Wow Tips:
☆ There is no hush hush about lingerie shopping anymore. So make sure to check for the right size and fit as per your body type.

Sayanti Banerjee

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