How to make your perfume last. . .

Rose is more than a flower. It is an expression of love and beauty. When the power of it translates into fragrance, it overpowers all the senses. So when it came to buying the Bulgari Rose Goldea, I wanted to to decide upon it by indulging my five senses.
Visually exotic
To begin with, the look of the bottle impressed me. I fell in love with the rose gold, crytal look.
A touch of history
Inspired by Cleopatra as the muse, Rose Goldea woman celebrates the mesmerizing, alluring and self-confident persona of a  new-age diva. Being the epitome of seduction, roses were her favourite flowers.
Savour the essence
When I sprayed the Rose Goldea on my wrist and rubbed it, it glided smoothly on my skin.
Rose Goldea, Bulgari’s iconic Serpenti symbolises the essence of seduction with its aphrodisiacal and aromatic seeds and I colud feel it.
What’s wow:

Bulgari Rose Goldea over powered my olfactory experience and the fragrance lasted all day.

-Sayanti Banerjee

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