Day Makeup Rules💄👒

Day makeup is often challenging as you want to look your best under the sun. The truth is that natural light can be a bit harsh literally as it highlights even the minute flaws. So even if you wish to wear light makeup, the art of doing so like a pro is important.

Here are the quick fix products that will work their magic on you all day. No matter where you go, compliments are sure to come your way.


The basic rule of good makeup is to create the illusion of flawless skin.  So choosing the right foundation for your skin type and complexion becomes essential. I tried the Deborah Milano
Perfect & Natural foundation recently.

It blends in effortlessly and gives a natural finish. Since it has SPF 15 there is sun protection as well as an add on benefit.
Works perfectly for day makeup base.

No matter how tired you feel at the end of the day, concealer as the name suggests, can hide it instantly. So apart from camouflaging spots and marks on the face, concealer has an instant ‘pick-me-up’ effect for the eye area.

The Dress Me Perfect concealer does a fab job for an instant quick fix. I choose Hope the apricot shade that suits my wheatish complexion. Though I don’t have dark circles or spots to cover, I apply this concealer around my eyes and mouth. It makes my skin tone look more even.


Even if you are not a big fan of eye makeup, simply apply some eyeshadow to your upperlids and see the difference. It makes you look stunning, instantly!


Give a miss to black, gray and brown this time of the year as far as eye makeup is concerned. Opt for shine and shimmer in shades of blue to look stunning effortlessly. With Secrets of the Smokey Eyes from Deborah Milano, I have been having fun with shades of blue. The combination of 5 hues makes this a perfect palette to carry for a day to evening look transformation.
The power of fragrance is profound as it can make your mood sway. So in order to smell good all day and generate a great vibe, wear a mild perfume and carry it along with you.
I tried the Aigner Début Parfum recently and the subtle floral notes make me feel happy all day. What I love is the fact that the aroma is not over-powering and has a sweet, feminine appeal as well.😘 I am ready to step out now to own the day and make it wow. Hope you have a beautiful Sunday as well!-Sayanti Banerjee
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