What will People say?

Exactly, you don’t even need to look it up on Google Trends to confirm the fact that it is TRENDING forever…
It is 10th Feb again but in a different year. Last year, on this day I quit my last full time job of being a journalist. In this one year, I have been a blogger, youtuber, model, anchor, traveller and of course a dreamer. My ‘new found identities’ have kept me so ‘happily busy’ that I never had the time or the desire to apply for a full time job anymore…


That is the reality but the ‘reactions’ have been more imaginative.

In India, JOB = Swipe in, swipe out, sit at the desk infront of the computer screen, meetings in boardrooms and of course reporting to a BOSS. The name of the company you work for becomes a part of your personal brand equity. So working for ‘So & So’ company is your status symbol. And you cannot quit…
What will people say?
That is the only question that looms over your head every time you wish to give it all up and follow your heart and chase your personal goals.
I am glad that I could take the plunge because of the support of my mom and a few friends who believe in my strengths more than I do. Only what these people say, actually matter to me. The rest? well, you guessed it I guess…
In this 1 year, ONE lesson that I have learnt is… ‘Freedom is Luxury’ that no money can buy.
If you can plan your Monday, Tuesday… week, month and year the way you want, you are living your life the way you wish.
This has been my strength and happiness to keep going.
Here’s what I wish to share with you all today – people can say whatever they want to, it’s your Life so OWN it now and make it WoW!!!

Sayanti Banerjee





TheWoWDetector (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC41qQrF7PQJlfg7RsaLPsGw?sub_confirmation=1)

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