March-ing ahead of Time…🎲📒🖊

The month of March makes us feel that the first quarter of the year is coming to a close. So while there is a financial year end balance sheet prepared, personally also it’s time to evaluate. Today I want to share with you a slice of my lifestyle.


There are problems and there will be problems at every stage of life. So the best way to deal with them is to look for a solution.

Here is a formula that works for me and you can try as well.
Go old-school, take a pen and paper and write down:
☆ WHAT is bothering you…
☆ HOW you wish to resolve it…
☆ WHEN is the time by which you can do so…
This will not only make your problem disappear but it will also make you feel more in control of dealing with it .

Well, you have nothing to lose or invest in this. Also, it is only for your own mental health that you would think that it is worth giving this a shot!

I have tried it out myself and trust me it makes you feel WoW! Like it is said:
Grow through what you go through…’

Sayanti Banerjee





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