A Persian Treat👸

In today’s hectic world, what we all look forward to is – a break from the regular schedule. While travel becomes a refresher button in our modern lifestyle, cuisine from different countries play an importat role too. In fact, food has the power to transport anyone to it’s place of origin. Recently I experienced the exotic flavours of Persia recreated at Namak, Hotel Sahara Star.


Here’s why you too should treat yourself to the royal Persian Food festival that is on till the 12th of March.


The minimalistic yet charming decor has the mystic Persian lanterns and Iranian cutlery that rope in the rolyal feel. The music too is soothing and the attire of the attendents have a sufi style.


☆ Iranian Delicacy
The meals are served as lunch and dinner. They are specially prepared by the guest Chef Mona Nehzad who is a renowned Iranian Chef herself along with the popular Chef-Rehman Mujeebur.


☆ 5 WoW PICKS:
– Shorba
–Mutton Kebabs
-Murgh Baghali Polo or Biriyani
-Gormeh Sabzi

Sayanti Banerjee





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