Beauty of ‘Beauty & the Beast’ 😇😈

A classic is something that remains evergreen forever. The fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast still holds a special place in my heart and now I know why.
As a kid I was fascinated by the story of a princess, castle, monster and folklore. Today when I watched this Hollywood film on the silver screen, I felt enchanched again…


Here’s why it is a ‘must watch’ movie for the weekend:


Getting transported to a magical world in which you get to relive your childhood days, is a wow feeling in itself.
♡ The 3D effects and the witty dialogues are brilliant and engaging.
♡ Emma Watson showcases the beauty of a fearless woman.
♡ The power of love can undo a curse and turn it into a blessing.
♡ The French style showcased by the character of Belle is on trend for the summers.

Sayanti Banerjee





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