☉ How to refresh your Summer Skincare 😎

Change is the only thing that is constant in life. While the season changes from winter to summer, the skin too starts looking and feeling different. So while you update your fashion wardrobe with the spring summer collection, make sure to refresh your skincare regime as well.

I met the popular dermatologist Dr Apratim Goel at her clinic Cutis Skin Studio in Bandra.

Here’s what I learnt from the expert herself.


♡ Cleansing the face twice a day is good enough. Make sure to use a good face wash that your skin expert suggests.
♡ Visit a professional clinic for a peel, clean up or facial as per your requirement. You need to make sure that your facial skin is in safe hands.
♡ While the toner can be given a miss, a sunscreen with good SPF is a must. In fact since we hardly re-apply sunscreen, having an oral pill like Hydra Life will help shield your skin from the sun.
♡ I also love the Instafil Gel that she suggested. It has the effect of an instagram filter, if you have any flaws to hide on the skin.

♡ Drink lots of water to keep your skin well hydrated.
♡ Fruits, salads and curd should be a part of your summer diet.
♡ Keep the makeup base light and breathable. Remove every trace of product from your face, by the end of the day.

Here’s wishing you all HAPPY SUMMER TIME!!!

Sayanti Banerjee





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