Hair Magic Unveiled

I always thought that being a Bengali, I am blessed with good hair. To change my hairstyle,  I either get a hair cut or colour. But for once I tried the flash points at the Advanced Hair Studio and now I know the difference. Here’s the head turning story.

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Hair is the crowning glory as it is the accessory that you naturally own. While women love to experiment with their hairstyles, the effect of heat and chemical treatments still remain a point of concern. Also, growing one’s hair longer might take a lot of time and patience.So instead of pulling your hair literally, visit the Advanced Hair Studio (AHS) to look for a wow solution.
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Advanced Hair Magic Fibres

Over a period of time you realize that your hair volume has become less and too much of the scalp is visible. As an immediate solution, Magic Hair Fibres works like magic. It instantly rebuilds your hair with natural keratin fibres creating the appearance of thicker hair in an instant! The Thickening Fibres blend in an electro statically bond with your existing hair and dramatically building up hair volume!

DSCN1845 (Small)

In a Flash
Preserving one’s own hair and opting for natural looking hair extensions is becoming common. Thanks to the Bollywood Celebs and their ever changing hairstyles that keep the trend meter buzzing.
As an advanced procedure, AHS across the globe offers Flashpoints. It instantly adds length and volume to the existing hair.

DSCN1847 (Small)

Unlike traditional products AHS uses micro cylinders that do not cause any harm to the hair.  Dream hair should suit your age, face, personality, profession and expectation. A sample of your hair is taken and extensions are made to make you look WoW!

-Sayanti Banerjee





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