Indulge in Dips n Desserts…

During summers, eating too much is out of the question. So salads and juices fit into the diet perfectly. But if you wish to make the platter a little more interesting, you can opt for a variety of dips to go with. Also, a simple yet filling dessert like a waffle by the side will be a wow option to try.
With the Speedy Chef dip and Waffle Maker from Tupperwear, I am having fun this season.

Tupperware Speedy Chef


For complete whipping and whisking kitchen aid, Tupperware Speedy Chef is a wow option. It beats, whips and whisks cream, egg whites, pancakes, omelets and mayonnaise faster and much quicker than an electrical beater.


  • Prepare whipped cream for decorating cakes and desserts.
  • Prepare light pancake batters, omelets, mousses and other whisked desserts.
  • Prepare light mayonnaise or dips.
  • As an add on, remove the cover and whisk in your favorite freshly chopped herbs and flavoring.
  • Prepare wonderfully light sponge cakes, pavlovas and meringues by beating up egg whites in the Speedy Chef.

Waffle Maker


With the new Silicone Baking Form Waffle is perfect for preparig crispy, fluffy, crunchy waffles.


  • The new SBF Waffles fits into even the smallest cupboards, can bake 4 waffles at a time and is light as a feather!
  • The flexible silicone material is unbreakable and will not deform even in heat. So forget the heavy, space-consuming waffle iron that can only bake 2 waffles at a time.

-Sayanti Banerjee 

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instagram: Sayanti_banerjee
twitter: @mesayanti
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