Get Wine Wise…

In order to find out a few myths and truths about wine, I caught up with Sonal Holland at the India Wine Awards 2017. She has been recently named the world’s first and only Master of Wines from India.

☆ The truth about wine is…

It is such a fascinating beverage, you can drink a different wine each time and never have to drink the same twice.There are endless styles, varieties and labels of wines out there.

☆ Biggest Myth…

Wine which is expensive is always great in quality. There are so many wines that are being produced by artisanal producers on a small or medium scale that are of fantastic quality. Price is sometimes determined by the economics of supply and demand and also brand positioning. Why limit your taste to wines from a well known producer and region only?

☆ Should age of the wine be a concern…

a vast majority of wines in the world are meant to be drunk within 2-3 years of bottling. They are made with the intent to be consumed young, and are often priced at lower to mid-level. Only a small percentage of wines that are treated in a way that they may be cellared for a long time. Such wines are often expensive on a wine list. So if choosing a simple wine at a value price-point, go for the most recent the vintage year (the year the grapes were harvested) on a bottle.

☆ Wine in what quantity is good for health?

Everything works best in moderation. Personally, I advice drinking wine no more than once or twice a week and never over 2-3 glasses in an evening. That is enough for savouring it? 

☆ Does the time of the day play any role in ideal wine consumption?

There are so many styles of wines that can be enjoyed at different times of the day, but there are no rules. Personally, I drink whites and roses during the day and red wine in the evening. But there should be nothing to stop you from enjoying a glass of white wine at night. Wine is wonderful anytime of the day, with or without food.


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