My Wellness Escapade ✈

In this world, we are constantly chasing time. There is ‘no time’ to sit back, relax and soak in the moment passing by. That is why the concept of wellness attempts to sync the well-being of the mind and the body.
Recently I got to experience such tranquility at the Taj Salon and Jiva Spa of Taj Land’s End. As the name suggests, Saundariya treatment made for a beautiful experience.


It was a six hour long ritual from head to toe that included:

  •  Anana Lepa Facial
  • Body massage, wrap and scrub
  • Head massage
  • Manicure 
  • Pedicure
    It felt like pampering my soul after a hectic schedule. I tried to refrain from being obsessed with my phone and gave in to the beauty of this wellness therapy.
    The herbal ingredients and the aroma overpowered my senses and I was lulled to fall asleep, effortlessly. For once, there was no rush or stress to meet any deadlines. It was the perfect ‘me time’ to indulge in beauty rituals and personal grooming.
    The herbal tea made for the perfect detox drink for the day along with seasonal fruits.

    So even if I could not travel to an exotic destination, the  Saundariya Treatment at Taj Land’s End made me feel rejuvenated as if I was back from a holiday.
    On my WoW meter I would say 9/10.– Sayanti BanerjeeYouTube channel

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