Get Groomed like a Cabin Crew ✈

Being an air hostess is a dream job that most girls aspire for. It is like a passport that promises travel up in the sky, each day of your life.

The only way in which you can get closer to it, is by looking well-groomed when you go for a cabin crew interview.
I have learnt the drill from my roomates who appeared for them, got selected and now are currently flying with Jet Airways. Here is what I have learnt from them and will be worth your time. 😊
✈Here’s how to do it:

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👑FBB COLOURS FEMINA MISS INDIA 2017 gets younger at heart 💞

How difficult is it to be yourself in today’s world? We all know the answer…  It is an irony, but the truth is – being judged and judging others has become a part of life. So, will you still put forward the real YOU on a platform like Miss India?
Here’s the answer.

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👚How to Style Formals👖

Selecting casuals and doing a mix and match to create the look is easy. But what to wear for an interview or a meeting can be tricky.
Formal wear need not be boring and only black and white. You can play with colours and add your sense of style to look well groomed as always.
Here’s how to do it.


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Power of Yoga 💞

It is World Yoga Day today but the truth is that Yoga is forever.
Most forms of workout help to take care of the mind and the body. Yoga can heal the soul as well. You have to experience it yourself to know how it works its magic.IMG_20170620_154134.jpg

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👸Miss India Dream$…

Every Indian girl at some point of their lives, must have dreamt of wearing the Miss India crown and sash. Of course in reality there are very few who actually bag this aspirational title.
Here is a tribute to my all time favourite Miss India – Sushmita Sen who went on to rule the Universe!


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My World in my bag💼…

Have you ever wondered why women carry such big and heavy bags? It makes us feel good to have everything necessary (and even unnecessary) when we step out of home. But packing smartly the things you need will help you to cutdown on unnecessary stress.


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How to get that perfect pout?

Want fuller lips like bollywood actor PriyankaChopra? Here’s how to get the perfect pout that you love on actors and red carpet divas.
When in doubt, simply pout! Here are the tricks that I have learnt from the Celeb makeup artists.

Watch this video 

Sayanti Banerjee

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It Feels WoW…

We believe that we all are talented in our own way and try to showcase those skills through our work. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not…

But what matters is what keeps us going…


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What about Raabta?

The story is as slim as the waist line of the lead actors – Kriti Sanon and Sushant Singh Rajput.
It is about a girl who is so pretty that two guys are literally dying to win her over. That too with rebirth and reincarnation…
Does it sound wow??? Not really.

So, this bollywood film is about the good old concept of LOVE.
💜 Here’s why you might wish to watch Raabta:
*Get a new travel goal – visit Budapest. Looks like a land of romance.
*The styling and fashion quotient is high.
*Special effects and a few dialogues are entertaining.
Also, you might wish to try Deepika Padukone’s eyemakeup from the title song of this movie for the weekened.

-Sayanti Banerjee

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For the Nomad @Heart🙋

I feel we are all a bit nomadic at heart and always wanting to break free from set norms. Catering to this boho, wander-lust attitude, Taj Land’s End has come up with a unique ‘gastro bar’ experience that goes by the name House of Nomad.

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