Happy Environment Day!!!

While passing by the same streets, we often forget to notice what has changed around us. It is all about reaching the destination in a hurry. Similarly, in Life we forget to stop by and live the moments while chasing our ‘goals’. One of the trending goals I feel is that of looking for a ‘positive vibe’ around us to feel happy. So the question is, can we create a HAPPY environment for ourselves in any surrounding?


My grand mother had taught me that the simplest things in life always give us the true sense of joy.
On World Environment Day I would like to share that being close to nature makes me feel HAPPY always!!!


All that one needs in order to Live well is, to sleep well and eat well? Of course it sounds primitive in today’s world. But don’t we all need to unwind and destress and slow down in order to enjoy every moment of life?


As far as my personal inspiration is concerned, here is what keeps me going.
Like a free bird that can fly high in the sky or a water body that does not need to fit into any mould…
I draw my inspiration from nature. Every natural element works as a perfect motivation for me. For instance, to rise and shine like the blazing Sun by the day and calm down and radiate a positive glow like the Moon at night.
This might sound too philosophical but it makes me feel wow.

You can try it for yourself and let me know your views?

Sayanti Banerjee

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