It Feels WoW…

We believe that we all are talented in our own way and try to showcase those skills through our work. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not…

But what matters is what keeps us going…


I was so happy to have an international brand like Miss Evolution Clothing reach out to me to know my story.

They shared it in the Me Land section of their popular website and I felt WoW.

A word of appreciation means a lot. That too from a fashion brand who discovered my work without me reaching out to them…

Exactly… Feels WoW…

I would love to know your views as well 🙋

Here is my story as the interview






Sayanti Banerjee

TheWoWDetector (

📷 instagram: Sayanti_banerjee
🐥twitter: @mesayanti
Snapchat: thewowdetector

One thought on “It Feels WoW…

  1. The world seems like ur playground…….
    when appreciated for work (that U do)which is more out of passion and done with keeping in mind that appreciation is difficult to come by…..
    Keep it up….
    Look forward to something more and more interesting.

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