A Journey Within…

I don’t think Calcutta has changed much apart from being called Kolkata. Like people, every city has it’s own charm. While I was born and brought up in Kolkata, I have been living in Mumbai. So with every visit to my hometown, it feels like I am re-discovering the city of joy.


Own timeline
To begin with, Kolkata has it’s own timeline. Waking up between 7 to 8 am, getting done with lunch between 12 to 1pm, tea and snacks around 4 to 5 pm and dinner by 9 to 10 pm.
An afternoon nap between 2 to 3 pm is the luxury that many people in Kolkata would not part with.
This works the best here in most households including mine.
Initially I would judge this metro for it’s ‘laid back’ attitude. But are we not trying to ‘go slow’ now in order to catchup with life?


Soul Searching…

Every trip back home makes me do a bit of soul searching. Food and rest are a priority here and not earing money? What are we earing money for if our ‘good lifestyle’ remains deprived of the basics?


Well, once I fly back to Mumbai the pace of life and my thoughts gain a new momentum. Thanks to my current city, the land of Bollywood and the city of dreams…


I personally love that euphoria but now I know how the inertia of rest in Kolkata keeps me going.

Sayanti Banerjee

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