👑Luxury of Lucknow

I always wanted to visit Lucknow, not sure why. Every city has its own charm but how you relate to it can be interesting. We also have expectations based on our imagination. The reality however can be very different. This was my experience from a recent trip.


It was just a two day work trip that flew me in and out of Lucknow. But I wanted to see the city within this short span of time while I was there.

Well, it is not that the buildings are castles or everything is wrapped in gold. But the royal feel does exist in the air.
What is this sense of luxury?


    It was about exploring this non-metro for a change. Lucknow has been popular as the city of Nawabs and kabarbs.
    It is the simple way of life that still reigns supreme with it’s old-world charm.
    People wake up to a blissful world that looks green and feels peaceful.
    The sight of cows grazing in the pastures or exotic birds on the trees has become a rare sight these days.
    There are gardens and heritage buildings with Mughal architecture that transports you to a world of its own.
    The food of the Nawabs like biriyani, tunde kabab, gajak and the likes can be ‘soul food’ for those with a big appetite.
    The chikankary work is a signature sytle that is celebrated as a timeless trend in ethnicwear.


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