⛵ Memories of Melaka ⚓

It was only last Sunday that I was in Malaysia. Now that I look back at my photographs, it feels like I am still there. It is a beautiful holiday hangover and I am enjoying every bit if it…


Among the places that I visited in Malaysia, the world heritage city of Melaka (also spelt as Melacca) made me feel wow. Melaka is where the history of Malaysia began. The city is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site as it celebrates the architecture left behind by European colonists and much more.



✔It has a colonial charm that will entice you.
✔The colour play of the natural and man-made set up, makes Melaka magical.
✔The view of the city from the 44th floor of the Sky Tower is like a dream.
✔The boat ride cruising across the Melaka river is such a pleasant experience. You will enjoy the beautiful weather and exotic view at the same time.
✔The area around the famous Christ Church is a ‘must-stop’ option for the old school, carnival feel.
✔ The Portuguese influence evokes the look and feel of Goa to some extent.



Given the choice, I would love to visit Melaka again for its artistic appeal that is rare in today’s world.

Sayanti Banerjee

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