🗽How to Travel in Style?

While travel has become a part of our life, how we travel spells our style. In this digital world, a trip is not just limited to visiting a place. Whether for work or leisure, we love to click photographs and share them across social media platforms. (Those who don’t won’t be reading this blog anyways).
So how to travel in style is what I want to focus on.
Here’s what I have learnt from observing fellow travellers on various trips.


💼 Invest in a ‘good looking’ and durable luggage. People totally judge you by the travel bag you carry.

👜While it is a great idea to pack light, do make a check list of everything that you would probably need on your trip.
👗 Do not select outfits randomly. You might feel awkward if you land up as overdressed or under dressed among others. So always plan according to your agenda and do some research about the place you will visit. The climate needs to be kept in mind as well.
👕👖Also, select outfits to make a set that you can wear together. It always helps to stay ‘fashion forward’ even on work trips.
👠Footwear is equally important. Some people end up wearing the same footwear in every photograph, even if the shoes do not match the outfit. Pay more attention to details for great holiday photographs.
👟 Comfortable footwear is a must apart from stylish ones. So carry 2 pairs of shoes in neutral colours, like let’s say -tan and white tthat go with everything.
👓⌚ Choose your accessories that are essential like – sunglasses and watch.
👛 Keep a beauty kit handy with – travel size face wash, moisturiser, lip balm, sunscreen, perfume and dental kit. Personal hygine cannot be compromised!
💄Women of course keep their coloured cosmetics in their handbag for a quick touch up.
⛄A pair of socks and a hooded jacket can save you from freezing under the effect of the airplane air conditioner. So don’t forget to carry them…


I prefer to carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated and some healthy snacks to munch on to if I’m hungry.

I would love to know how you travel in style…

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